State of Art

“State of Art Hospital equipment – NOW available for HOME”, said a flyer that I received at one of the conferences recently. I remember using this phrase ‘State of art’ for the first time when we were video-shooting to promote one of the office buildings’. It was a moment of pride! A little over a decade later, I see myself with the same phrase, in a different light though! How did we reach here? Where did we miss?

I am not against technology.  It’s rather liberating to see someone in a situation becoming self-regulating. The point is HEALTH; health that can be simply preserved with Yoga. Yoga is a product of the perennial wisdom of India. One would find the approach offered by Yoga as very useful and appropriate for the management of health issues. In some it serves as a complementary approach to the conventional medical treatment, in some where the conventional approach does not give desired relief it may even serve as an alternative approach. It is extremely useful during the period of recovery and for rehabilitation. More than everything, it helps in prevention and preservation of Health.

Many medical practitioners who were initially inclined to look upon Yoga with skepticism have come to recognize its merits. Specialists in psychosomatic medicine and psychiatry especially, have great deal of acceptance. Research say that yoga helps to eliminate the psycho-physical stresses that is the major cause of ailments today. I have personally been a witness to miraculous turnover in the health and life quality of not one but many.

Shift to a ‘healthy lifestyle’. Let not technology cripple us. Let’s rather goal to continue using our own body and mind… for as long as we live. That, in my opinion will truly be  ‘a State of Art LIFE!’

International Day of Yoga 2018

35 thoughts on “State of Art

  1. According to the reading of the article, I think that the only thing that is needed to practice yoga is to breathe. I was one of those who had the wrong idea for his practice. I do not see myself standing on my head or doing an eight with my body. I just have to say that I am alive and that I want to improve my health, so the time spent will only be a sigh or a whisper to the bones. The arguments, together with the story, are decisive to make the effort and
    do what. Also, if the teacher is you, I would exchange my poems for all the yoga styles that exist. That way I’ll be in class all day.

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    1. You always manage to bring smile on my face 🙂 … Well yes, breathing is important and like I said (on my home page) it involves many aspects. One has to be aware of every detail and yet be relaxed. It’s an art that one betters with practice (like anything else in the world). Having said that, let me tell you inversions are beautiful to practice. It’s not just fun but full of benefits (on body, mind and spirit) – not to ignore the contraindications. And once you learn to be on your head… You can’t stay one day without this beautiful practice!
      And I’ll be more than happy to have such a talented person in my class some day🙏

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  2. Nothing like a drop of dew waiting in the morning to read and seek to freeze your face to accompany me in the day to be happy. I’m going to start with your art to find more concentration and every stretch of my body will be at the rhythm of your voice that comes out of that song I heard in the video. That will be my incentive. Tell me, in what city do you live?

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  3. You are already on Easter Sunday for you. I need 10 hours. May the joy of the resurrection leave solitude behind. The happiness you seek, this in the interior of your soul. And as the Indian proverb says, “If you want to be happy, you have to want to see others happy too.” I would like you to always have with you, that encouragement to continue surpassing you in what you do best, the YOGA. Same wish for your whole family. At least I know your sister in the video.

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  4. This poetry is not yet in the blog, It’s for you.
    An almost impossible task
    is to want to open the future
    to look at its seams
    Better to read
    the flight of the birds
    and with the eyes that nobody sees
    know where are we going

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    1. This is a wonderful gift; with beautiful meaning. You are really gifted. I wish you too to get better and better in your art! May you be read by all across continents and spread the message of your culture, love and Peace ☮️🙏

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    1. Thanks Gunjan. I also admire you for being a great woman. You are very beautiful inside and you have a captivating beauty. With honey-colored eyes and a smile that melts the heart. See you soon and thanks for writing. A kiss.

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    2. Hello, read your almost letter. Thankyou for your beautiful words :)… By 10 I had finished with the morning classes and was already in office. It’s been a busy day…. Hope you have a great morning and happy day🙏


      1. do not worry. We better leave that for another opportunity. Rather, I apologize for causing problems at your job. It was not my intention. Better forget that and I hope your project goes the best. Regards

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      2. Sorry… See even the response accidentally went. I was saying… I will translate this one as soon as I’m done with this. Thankyou for your wishes for the project… It’s not difficult it just needs time and energy … please don’t apologise; I feel it nice .. you considered me worthy enough for your par excellence work!


  5. I will use my shelter to write to you. I wish you the best of the best for this year 2020. For me, your blog has been the best I could find in my life. It has filled me with spiritual wisdom that I have been able to apply efficiently in my way of seeing my existence. I will always admire your quality of integral woman. That’s why I wanted to offer you a gift with what I can do better: my poetry. So I made one for you in Hindi to make it more personal. I will publish this poem later in my blog and you can compare it with the English version.

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    1. Thankyou Mac… I thought I will wish you Tom or on the 1st.
      You really made my day by saying this. There are so many beautiful blogs with so much greater stuff including yours which is a lot higher in creativity and content. It’s very humble of you to appreciate my work always. You’re a very sweet man with a beautiful heart. Wishing you too for having a poetic, happy, healthy and super blessed 2020. May you be read by many many more. May you get a book printed. May you have all your dreams come true. Loads of love, wishes and gratitude.
      Let me read the Hindi version :)…

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