‘Satya’ (being truthful) – a gateway to lasting happiness!

Truth in a civilized society undergoes multiple tests – Is it the Truth? Is it beneficial or harmful? Is it pleasant or unpleasant? Only when it passes all such stages does it qualify of being an acceptable ‘Truth’. Speaking this ‘Truth’ make us a social, law abiding, acceptable individual in the society. However, such ‘Truth’ rather ‘Untruthfulness’ over a period of time puts our system out of harmony by creating mental and emotional stresses leading to a complicated unfulfilling life.

In Yogic parlance, principle of ‘Satya’, ‘being Truthful’ is one of its founding stones. It is far more comprehensive, than mere truthfulness. It does not limit to only speaking truth but even an act of deceit or a thought of deceiving is breach of the principle of Truth.Thus observance of truth is expected on three levels of our being- at body, speech and mind. Practicing at all three levels harmonizes and tranquilizes our mind. As;

  • Untruthfulness in all its variants creates complications and so a constant source of disturbance to the mind. The effort to keep up falsehoods and false appearances causes a peculiar strain in the sub-conscious mind and provides a congenial soil for all kinds of emotional disturbances.
  • Secondly, being truthful unfolds the power of intuition. Nothing clouds intuition worse than being untruthful.
  • And most importantly, being truthful leads one to the most fundamental nature of the universe; towards love, peace and inner happiness. Anything which is against the law of love gets out of harmony and is pulled back sooner or later.

The ethical code of Truthfulness eliminates completely all mental and emotional disturbances freeing the person from the illusions of the life. It forms the bedrock of human nature and lays the foundation of a stress-free life leading to everlasting happiness.

21 thoughts on “‘Satya’ (being truthful) – a gateway to lasting happiness!

  1. Being truthful is being light at heart. Being transparent saves us from having a dual face.Having a clear conscience all the time is the best gift of ours to us.

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  2. Being sincere in human relations, today is very complicated. If not, ask the politicians. But we need to have sincerity, as you well define it, with ourselves. It is the best your exposure because it leads us to a positive reflection. To read it several times and enjoy it.

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    1. Yes, I too believe that it’s the key. Being sincere with ourself maybe difficult to begin; even surprising 🙂 … But eventually it brings peace within. Thank you for giving it a thought 🙏

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  3. I’m being honest with the reflection of the moon on my back. It’s like a tingling sensation that makes me feel good when I see the depth of your black eyes. He guided me through the light that illuminates my mind and widens the horizon at my feet. I am above my silence looking at each of your letters that explains why we need to meditate. Now I’m alone in the universe. I stretch my soul, I find your eyes still closing your eyes. I nourish myself from the moment and I feel happy.

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      1. Thank you. I’m slow with my posts! Next one might be a heavy one! Hope I am able to take the knowledge of Yoga to people who need! Thank you again. And I am looking forward to reading you🙏

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