Yoga and Children

Education is not just the amassing of information and its purpose is not mere career hunting. It is a means of developing a fully integrated personality and enabling one to grow effectively into the likeness of the ideal that one has set before oneself. Student life is precious period of inner culture, a period concerned with the very important task of laying the foundation of one’s character and personality. Upon this alone depends the making of one’s life.

Yoga is not only asana and pranayama; it’s an attitude, an awareness of one’s interaction with life and the ability to ensure smooth passage through moments of difficulty. Once student practices, studies and understands Yoga, his daily moments are filled with yogic awareness and that plays a very vital part in the maturing of students mind and consciousness.

Yoga session at an underprivileged school having minimal infrastructure – It houses beautiful, enthusiastic and creative kids…
Theme: Connecting with the CLOWN (our True-Self) within!
Tools used : ‘Yoga’ & ‘Clown Nose’

Practices that are found in the Yogic system of education can be easily integrated into the student’s regular school system. For example – Instead of just asking the students to study and memorize a lecture, we can also give them easy practices that further help in developing their mental potential – resulting in overall enhancement in performance. Such a program will benefit both adults and children. They can be taught;

  • Certain mantras for fine-tuning listening skills and for positive effect of sound vibrations on the brain
  • Techniques like Trataka, certain mudras to enhance their concentration and memory
  • Yoga postures that bring about important physiological effects, such as balancing hormonal development, developing the nervous system and stimulating the systems of the body
  • Breathing techniques can be introduced. They are excellent way to control runaway emotions such as hysterical laughter and excessive anger

Children should play and have fun. Playing balances the muscular and nervous energies. It circulates blood throughout the system many times over. If a child sits in front of the TV, Mobiles and Video games or just studies all day, his blood circulation becomes very sluggish like a choked drain. Not only it results in various health issues like obesity but also his overall personality and studies suffer.

Children must be allowed to be mischievous to avoid behavioral problems later

It is heartening to note that researchers are now discussing and recommending measures that yogic practices are designed to achieve in development of students holistic personality. The researches have indicated that those children who received the Yoga training performed better on:

  • Attention/concentration, Mental balance, Visual retention, Remote memory
  • Measures of creativity
  • On self-confidence and self-esteem
  • These students had also shown remarkable change in general discipline as far as the parents could observe

Children do not become great just through qualifications. They become great through the quality of their mind, intelligence and receptivity and this is based upon how much they are able to receive, retain and give!

The life of a student is a preparation for shouldering the great responsibilities of the future. They are the builders of the nation and the world of tomorrow – Let’s play a positive role in it TODAY

We all have a clown within us… sincere exploration is all that’s needed!!!

50 thoughts on “Yoga and Children

    1. Haha… I could have never imagined this write up was capable of ideas like these. I just wish your nephew succeeds in kicking you to perfection. May you both have a blast of time in the Yoga class 😊👍🙏

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      1. I have a limp on my right leg because of that little devil, but I do have my plans for a great revenge when she gets older. I´ll scare all her potential boyfriends. Sweeeeeeet revenge.
        Have a great day.

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  1. Reminds me of the Thai soccer team that were trapped inside a Thai cave almost a year ago. Their soccer coach taught them how to meditate so as to lessen panic and anxiety while awaiting rescue. Definitely, kids learning yoga skills is a boost.

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    1. Yeah… Now that you’ve mentioned I’m reminded of it too. Felt great on the rescue of them. Yes, Yoga – Meditation transforms and prepares us for the most unexpected.
      Thank you for giving it a read 🙏☺️

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    1. That’s true. And I belive it’s not difficult… Once the journey begins – it gives back invaluable inner peace, contentment… And that gives so much energy to move further. Just the first step is required, rest the creater takes care of…. least I believe in this ☺️…
      Thank you so much for being here 🙏

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  2. I completely agree with your blog. And i really wish schools all over, introduce yoga as compulsory practice to imbibe the values of discipline and good health😊

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  3. A lot of kids could use improved concentration. Too many can’t achieve the deep focus needed for reading because they’re so used to everything being in bite sized morsels on a screen. A lot of chubby kids too.

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    1. So true. Today’s lifestyle is a boom in many ways but unfortunately it comes at the cost of our existence. A little effort from our side and things could get a lot better. A small step towards it… Thanks always for paying me a visit 🙏☺️

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  4. I find it wonderful when I read about working with children. It is not usual to know that you can also work in their minds with the domains of yoga. In themselves, they are very restless and it costs to call their attention to unknown things. Your program is according to the needs of today. Technology has made them lose the naturalness of being children. We hope that many of your followers can make use of their recommendations to raise a healthy child and wanting to learn more. It’s fascinating to read you because you say things with a unique facility to understand you. Have a good weekend. Enjoy your moon She tells you that you can touch the sky just by looking up and see the parade of stars at infinity.

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    1. ☺️… It is such a joy to read you; your choice of words always give me inspiration to work harder and write better.
      Thank you for appreciating the efforts and also for the humble appeal ‘for using the benefits of Yoga’…
      Thanks always for giving me a visit… You too have a great weekend🙏☺️

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    1. Anita ji, it’s so nice to see you on my blog again. Keep visiting… I love appreciation coming from a versatile person such as you 😇
      Thank you so much. The kids were awesome and so the pictures came out nice. Thank you for liking them. I’ll tell them, they are getting a lot of appreciation on the digital media 😄
      Have a great day🙏

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  5. What wonderful opportunities you describe, Gunjan for children everywhere! Esp glad play was mentioned as such a positive attribute. Playful experimentation in poses, like Tree, is esp fun, even with us old(er) folk (nearing 70!) 🙂

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    1. As it’s said, age is just a number. The child within us never fail to miss on the fun in life😄 Yes, one only needs to be a little creative and the kids end up having so much fun and learning on the way!
      Thank you Felipe for giving the post a read and also appreciating the effort🙏

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  6. In the last two poems you can read carefully what I mean. When I say “invisible bridges” in Strange your presence and “separate skies” in My life are you, it is nothing more than my feeling when I dig inside and what I feel, it comes out in my poems. To get there I have to have a motivation. A feeling that moves the fibers of my heart. Or what is the same, a muse. With all due respect you deserve, it’s you. For being as you are and because I am struck by the purity of your spirit, your sapienza, your nobility, your excessive desire to help others have a better life, to your interest in teaching children the love for a good life. Because your beauty is the magic that makes sighs turn into flowers and perfume my days. That’s why you are my muse. Regards.

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    1. It feels so nice to be able to inspire a gem of a person that you are. I’m always humbled. And look at the words you use to appreciate the other person! Believe you me im just a struggler; hardly any of those you mention above. It’s a conscious effort to work a little for the society at large… This is not to help them, rather to help myself – an effort to help purify my heart.
      I’m always greatful to you for your every word… Have a Peaceful sleep; I hope in the silence of your dreams you weave yet another terrific poem and share with us all. Hugs ❣️🤗🙏

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  7. yoga is simply connecting ….i teached in these school n i feel there is too much need of awareness …. happy to see ur pic with cute children n ur efforts to tell about yoga… i hope u definitely got new way of excercise of yoga from children,,,

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    1. Thankyou. Apologies for a delayed response.
      It’s wonderful to know you teach as well. And what’s better to be with the children. Yes, you are right, a lot of work still needs to be done in the area of education, yoga and children. I hope efforts from like minded people will help a lot towards this. Yes, I learn a lot everytime I am with children. They are the best teachers 😄


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